Ask More By Ngozi Adebiyi

Ask More By Ngozi Adebiyi


Leadership has always been serious stuff. We can’t simply navigate its terrain any way we think we can. At least not without consequences.

Human history has been created over and over again by people who ask questions – right or wrong. It follows that the quality of a person’s leadership can never rise above the capacity and capability of the person to ask the right questions. When we ask, answers begin to gravitate towards us.
The power of asking is a power that has not been harnessed fully. Time and again people attribute asking to not knowing or being less knowledgeable which One needs to be deliberate, tactful, cautious, skillful and asking the right questions enhances the leadership journey. There’s a certain level of authenticity that comes with asking the right questions, there’s a certain level of confidence that enables one ask the right questions and there’s definitely a certain level of charisma that a leader exudes that makes them not shy away from asking questions.
Now, operative phrase is asking the right questions. Focus here is not the person who just asks questions or repeats questions asked others just to sound smart or portray some type or cerebral horsepower.

Regardless of our answers, what we can’t take away from the story is that a hidden skill which links successful people in all walks of life and helps them make smart decisions is the ability to ask the right questions at the right time.

Questions convey interest, feed curiosity, and reveal answers that can change the course of both a person’s professional and personal life. Questions provide opportunities

Learn to question these areas of life to get a head start and ask more questions about how these areas impact you as a leader.

Are you approachable? Are you willing to hear the answers to these? If so, then challenge yourself.

1.Your Vision: Sometimes, a recalibration of our vision becomes necessary and it is then imperative to constantly do a vision check by asking yourself if we’re still moving in the direction you’re purposed to go or you have changed focus unknowingly.

Ask: If I was not afraid what would I do? How can I be really honest with myself at all times? What can I do that I will enjoy, while outside my comfort zone?

2.Your personality: Before you conclude that your strengths and weaknesses are just who you are and you can’t do anything about them, can you stop for a moment and question that belief?Ask: Who am I? Where am I?These are places to start asking: What’s the best part about my personality?
What skills do I have?

3.Other people: Learn to be inquisitive. Ask people questions about their welfare, their motivations, their aspirations and more. What this does for a leader is to position you in a place where you better understand those around you. Insight into people behaviours can help you a great deal on this journey of leadership.

 Ask: How can I help? How can I take positive out of every situation?

4.Your beliefs: this helps you identify and change limiting beliefs that have kept your leadership ability and performance at a particular level.

Ask: What am I committed to in my life?

5.Your strategy: There may just be a better, cheaper, faster and easier way to get things done. Find it through the habit of questioning your strategy.

Ask: What can I be doing today to improve? At what time am I most effective?

These questions have the ability to unlock the potential. Challenge yourself today, ask more.